1. Written Warning and Information to Parents / Guardian.

  2. Fine to be determined by the Principal/Authority of the College / Management.

  3. Expulsion / Rejection of Admission / De rolled From the Admission Register.

  4. Any other suitable action to be taken by the Principal / Authority / Management.  

Identity Card

Each and every student will have to obtain his/her. Identity Card duly signed by the Principal or Person Authorized by him. Every student must carry his/her Identity Card and will have to produce the same on demand inside or outside the college Campus. 

Advisory Committee

An advisory committee is constituted by the society consisting of the expert from educational field, managerial and administrative affairs for providing expertise opinion/ suggestion to the management required when occasion arises.  

Fees & Other Charges  

The student selected for Admission are Required to Deposit Fee by D.D. in favour of ARS B.Ed. College Bokaro steel City. (Jharkhand) 


Boys :

  • Two pair Paints, Shirts and ties.

  •  Black Shoes and White Shocks.

  •  Blazer (In Winter)

Girls :

  • Sarees & Salwar Suit.

  •  White Shoes and White Shocks.

  •  Blazer (In Winter)

Library Rules

The College is equipped with a good Library comprising of text books of reputed and reference books on all aspects of teacher Education and subscribed to a number of reputed journals.

The college library is open to all bonafide students of the college during the college hours. Students will have to follow the rules as appended below. 

  1. Student must carry the library card duly signed by the librarian & the Principal Books will be issued only after producing the card. 

  2. Books can be borrowed on their own card only.

  3. Students must maintain absolute silence in the Library. 

  4. Books other than reference books, will be issued for 14days only and fine @1.00/-Rs. Per day will be charged as late fine.

  5. Books marked, disfigured or damaged will have to be replaced or two times cost will have to be paid by the borrower along with fine.

  6. Student are not allowed to bring their personal books or belongings in the library.

  7. If a student wishes to keep a book for a longer time he/she will have to get it reissued. The librarian will have discretion of re-issuing or not re-issuing the same books to the same student.

  8. Rs. 50/- will be changed for issuing duplicate card. 


The Qualified Teachers are on the Roll of the college as per NCTE/University/State Govt. Norms and Non-Teaching Staff as per the requirement of the NCTE norms.

Bus Facility


Bus Facility is available within Bokaro.

Campus Selection

All the participants of our B.Ed Programmed will have an ample opportunity of assistance in Campus Selection.