Library in an educational institution is an indispensable support mechanism in fulfilling the objectives of teaching learning in the institution. We realize that books are our best friends which play a very important role in our life. Books not only amuse us but also instruct us. They are like a fort which protects us from evil of boredom and loneliness. It is through the books that the modern world has progressed. Though there is a new trend for bookless and paperless libraries these days, We KEEP OUR LIBRARY RICH.

There are sufficient numbers of books in the library on literature, philosophy, history, biography, science, politics, education and so on. College library has more than 7000 books with 1606 titles and sufficient numbers of educational journals, reference books, newspaper and magazines. We also have spacious and cozy study rooms open throughout the day.





Library Record

1. Total items of furniture’s (Desk/Table/Chair) : Table:- 10 (Ten) & Chairs:- 60 (Sixty)

2. Total No. of books in the library : 6616

3. Total No. of Titles in the library : 1617

4. Total No. of Educational Journals: 76

5. Total No. of Subscribed Journals : 13 N.C.E.R.T. :- 25

6. Total No. of Titles of encyclopedia available in the library : 47 (Total – 140)

7. Number of Titles available in the reference section of the library : 826

8. Total seating capacity in the library : 60

9. Total No. of Titles related to the proposed course : 907

10. Total No. of books related to the proposed course : 4535

11. Is the Photocopy facility available in the library : Yes

12. Is the Computer with Internet facility available in the library : Yes

13. Whether vouchers and payment receipts in respect of equipment and books indicating proof of purchase available? Yes

14. Whether entries have been made in the library stock register inspection member affix their signature on last page? Yes

List Of Magazines

SL.No Description
01 Front Line
02 Kurukshetra
03 Vigyan Pragati
04 Yojna
05 Success Mirror
06 India Today
07 Pratiyogita Darpan
08 Competition Success Review
09 Current Affairs
10 Samsamyiki Mahasagar
11 Science Reporter
12 Cricket Samrat
13 Computer Sanchar Suchana